The 6th Kyokushin Karate
World Cup
The 6th Kyokushin Karate
World Cup
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The 6th World Cup is a mega event organized by the All Russia sport public organization «All Russia Kyokushin Karate Union» in cooperation with the Board of Trustees

For the first time in history, during the international voting, Moscow has won the right to host the World Cup in one of the toughest and most spectacular types of martial arts. The World Cup is a part of the Plan by I.K.O. "Kyokushin kaikan Union"; it will bring together the best contestants from more than 30 countries and gather them all in Russia

6 October 2019
Krylatskoye Sports Palace, Ostrovnaya, 7, Moscow
Nogami Kotaro
Deputy of the General Cabinet secretary Japan
«I am sincerely glad that the 6th Kyokushin karate World Cup will be held from 3th to 7th of October 2019 in Moscow»
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«I am sincerely glad that the 6th Kyokushin karate World Cup will be held from 3th to 7th of October 2019 in Moscow.

I know that, thanks to the efforts of the Russian karate Union and related organizations, all necessary thing for preparations for the world Cup are already happening , in particular, the organizing Committee for the preparation of the event has already been established, and I express my deep respect for these achievements.

This year is special for Japan and Russia. In May Japanese Prime Minister S. Abe attended the opening ceremony of the Year of Japan in Russia and the Year of Russia in Japan at the Bolshoi theatre during his visit to Moscow together with Russian President Vladimir Putin. I personally also participated in the ceremony as part of the delegation of the Japanese government. As part of the year of cultural exchange, our countries will hold more than 300 events in a variety of areas, including sports. In addition, in June this year in Russia begins the FIFA World Cup, which will be attended by the national team of Japan.

In the field of karate between Russia, which gave the world a lot of strong fighters, and Japan, the birthplace of karate, there are already strong ties. I hope that the year of cultural exchange and the upcoming World Cup will bring our countries closer together and promote trust and friendship between our peoples..

I sincerely wish that the VIth Kyokushin karate World Cup will have a great success and become a great event which will be highly appreciated all over the world»

Program the 6th World Cup
October 6, 2019
Start of competition. Preliminary fights of kumite and kata
15:00 – 15:30
15:00 – 15:30
Opening Ceremony
Yasuhiro Shichinohe
The legendary karate masters from Japan will take part in the opening of the World Cup, including Yasuhiro Shichinohe, a General Director of the I.K.O. "Kyokushin kaikan Union", a multiple champion, Shihan (8 dan, Okinawa); Shigeru Tabata, an Uchi Deshi Sosai Masutatsu Ōyama, Shihan (8 dan, Yamagata); Yoshikazu Koi, a Director of the I.K.O. "Kyokushin kaikan Union" (7 dan, Toyama)
15:30 – 18:00
15:30 – 18:00
Fights ½ finals, finals in categories for men and women. Show program
There are categories for men (-70, -80, -90, 90+) and women (-55, -65, 65+). Traditionally, contestants from 25-30 countries gather for the competition
Closing ceremony of the 6th World Cup
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Limited number of seats
Phone: +7 926 937 60 00
  • Media accreditation
    until September 1, 2019
  • +7 926 937 60 00
  • Date and place
  • October 6, 2019
    Krylatskoye Sports Palace
    Ostrovnaya, 7, Moscow, Russia
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